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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mad Science Party

Through a very generous donation, our class was able to enjoy a Mad Science party on the last day of school before the break! "Jupiter Jen" led a fun-filled hour of science. We even got to make slime!

We used a Tesla coil to make our own lightning, and to light neon and fluorescent bulbs.

The lights looked wild through our special refraction glasses!

This special paper burns ten times faster and hotter than regular paper. It was a trick to catch it in mid air!

Burning regular paper was not as exciting...


Using baking soda, citric acid, sugar, and pop rocks, we made our very own "sour soda". 
Everyone got a cup!

Winter Wonderland Party

On Wednesday, the Lower School gathered for a Winter Wonderland party! All comfy in our jammies, we listened to a story told by Mr. Hooper. The fourth graders assisted the younger grades with coffee filter snowflakes, and then we had a chance to make our own beaded snowflakes (some of which we sent off to the troops!). We wrapped up the morning with a wonderful treat of cookies and hot chocolate.

Fifth Graders Share Picture Books

The 5th graders came by to share the hard work they had done writing fractured fairy tales and creating a picture book. The books looked fantastic!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cereal Box Book Reports

Our cereal box book reports are on display! Students present their report by performing a commercial for their cereal. Each cereal box features the title, author, pages, and a rating on top, a creative name for the cereal and image on the front panel, a summary on one side panel, a list of characters and the setting on the other side panel, a game with information from the book on the back panel, and a prize inside! Wish I had video taped some of the commercials today - They were fabulous!

Gingerbread Houses!

Today the entire lower school gathered to decorate gingerbread houses. A great time was had by all!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Writing Strategy: Use a Strong Emotion

This week students learned a strategy for writing from the Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop. We began by brainstorming strong feelings or emotions. I was impressed with examples like traumatized, mortified, disrespected, successful, agitated, adventurous, betrayed... We talked about how everyone has experienced these feelings, and that the memory of these events is strong. This makes for a great narrative! Students came up with an event they would like to share, and have done a fantastic job. I look forward to sharing their finished products!!

Poetry Workshop a Huge Success!

Today the Lower School had a couple of outstanding visitors to lead a poetry workshop for grades 1-4. Nancy Powell, President of the Poetry Society of Virginia and Carolyn Foronda, Poet Laureate of Virginia 2006-2008, held two sessions this afternoon. I was amazed at the beautiful poetry that was created in such a short time! The Poetry Society holds an annual student competition, and we are hoping that many students will decide to submit poems by the January 19th deadline. Here are some pictures of the 3rd/4th grade session!