Scholastic Book Orders

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cereal Box Book Reports

Our cereal box book reports are on display! Students present their report by performing a commercial for their cereal. Each cereal box features the title, author, pages, and a rating on top, a creative name for the cereal and image on the front panel, a summary on one side panel, a list of characters and the setting on the other side panel, a game with information from the book on the back panel, and a prize inside! Wish I had video taped some of the commercials today - They were fabulous!


  1. This is such a CUTE idea!!! I'm sure the kids LOVED it!!

  2. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. ��

  3. I loved this idea. I saw this on a video by someone else and I am trying to get our second grade teachers to take on this task this year. I think the students would love it.