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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Wonderful Week!

It's been a busy and wonderful week... Every now and then I look up at my group, and think - I am one lucky teacher... My students are kind, respectful, and insightful. I love our discussions!

This week we took a peek at the book we will be reading as part of the Global Read Aloud Project, Tuck Everlasting. The read aloud begins Monday, so we made some predictions this week. The book has to do with living forever. We talked about the pros and cons, and found out that the main character in the book finds out about a family who is drinking from a special spring that gives them eternal life. Does she drink from the spring? Does she keep their secret? We can't wait to start reading! On Thursday afternoon, we Skyped with a great class from St. Mary's Visitation in Wisconsin who shared their predictions with us. We are looking forward to having book talks with them, as well as participating in the Edmodo discussion group.

We also visited the library this week, and since my 4th graders are so mature, I've decided to let them use the main library in addition to the lower school room. The library is open and light, and everyone loved the freedom to explore the stacks and curl up with a good book. Today the librarian came to our room and showed us how to use the online library search to find books! We bookmarked the library catalog search and the AR Bookfinder on our Diigo so we can look up books at any time! Very cool.

Finally (I told you it was a great week), we got into the lab today to look at some REAL plant and animal cells. We looked at onion cells, and at the cells I scraped from the inside of my cheek!! We were able to see the difference in the cell shape/structure, and could even see the nucleus of many of the cells!

Our school motto is "Think, Explore, Discover". I feel like we did service to each of these this week, and most importantly, had so much fun!

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