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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fabulous Fossils

Our class is really starting to look forward to our Science Enrichment resource classes, thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Deeley! This week, enriching our study of rocks and fossils, Mrs. Deeley met with the class to discuss how fossils are formed, and what fossils found in the different layers of sedimentary rock can reveal to us about Earth's past. Then we headed out to the garden for a fossil hunt! Mrs. Deeley had buried some of her treasured fossils, most of which were from organisms that existed over a million years ago! Our resourceful archaeologists discovered that once they found remains at a certain level, that they were likely to find more at the same depth! Here's to messy learning!!

Using brushes to clean off the fossils

Hey, that's really cool. Can I see it?

He worked hard to dig this one out!

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