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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mystery Skype Fun!

You've heard all about it... Here's what it looks like! We LOVE to Mystery Skype! Special thanks to Mrs. Allen's 5th grade class in Springfield, MO! We've added them to our Mystery Skype Map at the bottom of our blog.


  1. Dear Mrs. Grayson's class,
    We are a second grade class in Ohio. We think it is really cool that you mystery-skyped with another class! We would love to try that. It's too bad we already know where you are from! Where did you find another class to skype with? Was that the first time you skyped, or have you done other activities through skype? You can visit our class blog too!
    Your friends,
    Ms. Young's Class

  2. Hi Ms. Young's class!
    We love to Mystery Skype. :) There is a list of teachers that want to connect here:

    We have done 8 mystery skypes this year. We also skyped with a class in Louisiana to learn about Mardi Gras! They shared their presentations with us.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us! We look forward to connecting with you!
    Mrs. Grayson's Class