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Monday, March 4, 2013

Reading Challenge Kick-Off!

Our Lower School has been challenged to read 150,000 minutes by April 26th! If we reach this goal, our lower school head will spend the day working on the roof! Our class set a goal of 30,000 minutes. Today we kicked off the reading challenge by bringing a pillow or snugly to school and relaxing in our beautiful library to read!


  1. Dear Mrs.Grayson's Class,
    I can't believe that your students are challenged to read for 150,000 minutes by the time you reach near May! I hope your class can. I love to read so much that I could do a whole day of reading. If I was in your class, I would read no matter what. I hope they can finsh the challenge.
    Bree (Ms. Young's Class)

  2. Thanks, Bree! Our class read 3,700 minutes in our first week, and have 7 weeks to go! We turn in our reading logs and count the minutes every Friday. The lower school read almost 30,000 minutes the first week on our way to 150,000! We LOVE to read!! :)